Living Yoga

Yoga is so much more than just poses and flows. Yoga is a way of living - reflecting on how all things are connected - living in union with all things. Often times, the most direct and accessible way to first discover yoga is through posture - asana. Starting your practice with movement - using the body as your vehicle through life - provides a solid foundation for you to take your yoga practice and watch it evolve into a different perfection, all the time.

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My Approach to Yoga

My personal yoga practice has changed over time, and because of that, so has my teaching. We are always evolving into a new perfection, integrating life's lessons and new knowledge along the way. 


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Open Class Schedule

I teach yoga classes at various studios. My classes are accessible to all levels with heavy emphasis on personal alignment and modifications for every single body. 


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Private Yoga

Personalize your practice with private 1-1 or small group yoga. Learn more about my customizable offerings.